What Are The Best Tech Gadgets In 2022?

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Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone or you want to replace your laptop, there are some gadgets that you should look into in the next couple of years. In this article, we’ll go through a few of the best tech gadgets you can buy right now, along with some of the best devices on the horizon.

Sony SRS-XB13 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Designed to be portable and easy to use, the Sony SRS-XB13 is a Bluetooth speaker that features a rugged design and EXTRA BASS(TM) technology. The speaker comes with a convenient multiday strap and offers up to 16 hours of battery life. Moreover, it has a USB Type-C port for charging.

The speaker boasts a rugged design designed to withstand the elements. It is dustproof and IP67 waterproof. It also features a passive radiator that helps to enhance low-end tones. It’s also capable of producing a wide soundstage. The sound is also enhanced by Sound Diffusion Processor technology, which helps to spread the sound across a wide area.

Anker Powerconf S330 USB Speakerphone

Whether you need to make a presentation, run a video conference or play music, Anker PowerConf S330 USB Conference Speaker is a great choice. It’s compact enough to fit in a purse or carry case and powerful enough to bring a roomful of people together.

It features intelligent voice enhancement that cuts background noise, banishes unwanted echo and enhances the voice of the person talking to you. It also features passive “bass radiators” that add depth to the audio. In addition, PowerConf is compatible with many of the most popular conferencing apps.

The speakerphone comes with an auxiliary USB port, which can also be connected to a laptop or other device via the USB port. Its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity makes it easy to find and connect to other Bluetooth devices.

WD My Passport Portable SSD

WD My Passport is a portable SSD designed to be palm-sized. It comes with a USB-C cable that can be used with USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 ports. This portable SSD is perfect for those who work from home or use Mac hardware that supports USB-C.

The WD My Passport is available in two versions, a 500GB and a 1TB. Both versions feature USB-C ports and come with a Type-C to Type-A converter. The Type-C port allows the drive to run at speeds of 10Gbps, which is twice as fast as the SATA III port.

The WD My Passport uses 256-bit AES hardware encryption to protect data. You can also set a password to help protect your data.

Garmin Instinct 2S Solar Smart Watch

Designed for the outdoorsy and active person, the Garmin Instinct 2S Solar smartwatch is an excellent option for outdoor sports and navigation. It offers a variety of features that will make any multi-day trip easier. It also has a sturdy design and long battery life.

The Instinct 2S Solar has a 40 mm case, making it slimmer than the original. It also has a perforated band, which allows it to hold up in rough conditions. It also has five manual buttons to control its functions.

The Instinct 2S Solar features a built-in compass and barometric information. It can track all types of outdoor activities, including rowing and swimming. It also offers workout suggestions and recovery time recommendations.

Roccat Torch USB Microphone

Roccat Torch USB microphone is an excellent option for gamers and streamers alike. It’s plug-and-play but also includes unique features such as RGB LED lighting.

The Torch’s RGB lighting works with AIMO reactive lighting to offer a unique lighting effect. Precisely, vertical strips line the sides of the microphone and glow in different colours depending on the polar pattern. The LEDs are not too bright, but still, they add a little flair to your peripherals.

The Torch also includes a unique gesture-activated mic mute. The mute is activated by waving your hand over the sensor. The mute does not interfere with audio quality.

Surface Pro X

Whether you’re a teacher or a business analyst, the Microsoft Surface Pro X is an excellent tool. It can replace a laptop and also acts as a portable tablet. It has a premium display, a full keyboard, and amazing graphics. You’ll also get wireless headphones and a Nano-SIM port, making it ideal for mobile workers.

For more power, you’ll want the Surface Pro X Signature keyboard. This includes a dedicated charging slot for the Surface Slim Pen. It also features multi-protocol compatibility and side buttons. You’ll be able to launch OneNote and capture screenshots.

The Surface Pro X is a great tablet, but gamers have better options. It has a 13-inch screen, but it will never match the performance of a gaming laptop. The best gaming laptops use a high-end GPU to play the latest games.

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