Mind-Blowing Facts About Technology

Facts about Technology
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Throughout history, the science of technology has advanced so drastically that countless mind-blowing facts have been created. Here are just a few of them.

QWERTY Keyboards Were Banned From Advanced Calculators

Despite its popularity in the 1990s, the QWERTY keyboard has been banned from the most advanced calculators. The TI-84 and Casio FX-6000 are two examples of this blight on the calculator family tree. Thankfully, some calculators have a QWERTY keyboard or a USB port to connect them to your PC. Using the TI-84’s USB port allows you to download software and other gizmos for a small fee.

If you’re interested in a calculator, you can also look at the Casio FX-7000 and FX-8000. The latter can be had for a mere $49.99. The TI-84 may not be as fancy as its TI predecessor, but it’s still got a lot of bang for the buck.

The ACT does not allow wireless or wired connectivity on the test. However, your calculator will still be thrown in the bin. Some calculators have a built-in USB port, making them the perfect study aids. You may also be surprised that many test centres allow you to bring your calculator into the test room, provided you leave the cords at home. Likewise, many high schools and colleges have calculator-friendly testing rooms.

Credit Card Chips Have Been Around For a Long Time

Almost all credit cards issued in the United Kingdom have a chip. This is called EMV chip technology. The chip is like a small computer embedded into the card. This allows the card to store encrypted data, protected from in-store payment fraud. It can also be used for mobile payments.

Technology has been around for many years. But the UK took the lead on it. As a result, more and more businesses are adopting it. This creates incentives for banks and merchants to use chip cards.

However, not all stores accept chip cards. Some stores still use magnetic stripes.

The chip and PIN technology are becoming a new standard in many countries. The technology uses near-field communication (NFC), communicating with a reader a few inches away. This makes contactless payments faster than other forms of compensation.

Drones Can Now Build a Bridge by Themselves

Using drones to inspect infrastructure is a familiar idea. The technology has already been used for surveying roads, power lines, bridges, and solar panels. However, the new wave of autonomous drones allows for more proactive inspections. By flying beyond the line of sight, inspectors can complete assessments without investing in expensive radar systems.

Drones have already been used to perform situational awareness during natural disasters, providing relief and helping authorities locate victims. Fire departments have also used them to map local buildings. These orthomosaic maps show exit points in case of a fire.

The technology also has the potential to strengthen infrastructure resilience. Drones can inspect bridges and power lines to reduce risks from rockslides or flooding. They can also help monitor underground environments. Drones can also provide Internet services to underserved regions.

3D Printers Are Becoming Affordable To Use

Until recently, 3D printers were expensive to buy. However, the technology has come a long way and is now relatively inexpensive for most consumers. It also has several advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. These benefits include ease of operation, lower production costs, and higher reliability.

3D printers are designed to print three-dimensional objects from CAD models. They can print metal, ceramic, plastic, and even powder. They are ideal for rapid prototyping and can also help in rapid manufacturing.

Professional 3D printers can be used to create industrial products and medical items. They can also make food items, furniture, and unscrewed aerial vehicles.

Professional desktop printers start at $3,750, and large-format benchtop printers start at $11,000. Some of the cheaper printers can be purchased for under $200.

Alexa Is Always Listening To Your Conversations

Even though Amazon says Alexa is not a spy, many consumers still wonder if the device is listening to them. This article will look at what Alexa does and does not do.

As the name implies, Alexa is an always-on tabletop assistant tethered to the Internet. This means it can listen to you, respond to your commands, and play your favourite songs from your home stereo. It also has a ringtone that plays automatically when it wakes up.

As for how it works, it depends on your preferences. You can configure it to listen to specific voices and block out others. It also has a drop-in feature that allows you to listen in on conversations you’re not involved in.

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