The Best Cyber Security Companies

The Best Cyber Security Companies
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Several companies exist in the cybersecurity industry today. Some are more reputable than others. Here are a few of them.


Founded in 2010, OccamSec has climbed to the top of the cyber security game thanks to its patented cloud-based endpoint protection solution. OccamSec offers various services and solutions, from threat intelligence to red teaming and threat hunting. OccamSec is a leading cybersecurity technology provider that helps enterprises mitigate their risk and increase reliability and trustworthiness. They also serve the needs of smaller organizations with security needs that exceed the scope of their budgets.

OccamSec uses the latest trends in cybersecurity to deliver the best protection solutions. They constantly evaluate and adapt to the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape to keep their clients safe. Their solutions perfectly match the modern workforce that demands reliable and secure access to applications and data.


OPSWAT is one of the most trusted companies in the cybersecurity industry. It has been providing security solutions to enterprises since 2002. OPSWAT has developed technology to protect files and devices from advanced threats. It offers a complete solution portfolio to enterprises. A scalable architecture supports its technologies. It helps organizations detect advanced security threats and protect their finances and reputation. OPSWAT’s solutions also ensure compliance with industry policies.

OPSWAT is recognized as the top provider of cybersecurity solutions for critical infrastructure. It was named a gold winner in the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. The award is given to companies that have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in cybersecurity.


Among the best cyber security companies, Identiv is a leading provider of security solutions for authentication and secure access. The company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that protects people, ecosystems, and locations. With thousands of customers, Identiv serves a diverse set of verticals. Its solutions protect brand identity, deliver compliance and reduce risk.

Identiv offers a wide range of solutions for authentication, from access control and credentials to RFID and RFID inlays. It also provides a validation service to ensure frictionless access and confidence in consumers’ experiences.

Palo Alto Networks:

Founded in 2005, Palo Alto Networks is a multinational cybersecurity company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Its products are designed to protect organizations from a wide range of threats across networks, clouds, and mobile devices. It offers next-generation firewalls and enterprise, cloud, and mobile solutions.

Palo Alto Networks’ products and services address the world’s most significant security challenges, from securing networks and mobile devices to securing digital transformation. Its comprehensive portfolio integrates best-of-breed capabilities into a single platform to help customers address security challenges across the entire network. Its technology enables customers to secure any cloud, stop zero-data threats in zero time, and automate security operations.


Among the fastest-growing cyber security, companies are CTM360 from Bahrain. This middle eastern startup specializes in Digital Risk Protection (DRPS). This includes external attack surface management, cyber threat intelligence, and detection & response services. This company provides services to 25 of the Top 50 Middle East Banks, several oil & gas companies, and leading Healthcare clinics.

CTM360 has a cloud-based platform that enables members to identify and mitigate threats in real-time. The platform consolidates all the dangers faced by member organizations. It also provides them with relevant analysis and cyber threat intelligence. It also offers an external attack surface management module and social media fraud monitoring.


Among the top cyber security companies, Cygilant has a reputation for world-class talent in data science, advanced networks, and cyber security. Cygilant helps mid-sized organizations reduce costs and improve IT security posture through a full suite of best-of-breed cybersecurity services.

Cygilant’s managed security-as-a-service (MSA) offers a combination of detection, prevention, and response services to keep businesses safe from cyber threats. Cygilant’s security operations centers (SOCs) monitor customer networks and manage incident response and patch management. The company employs world-class talent in data science and advanced networks to provide continuous security operations.


Founded in 2015, Deepwatch is one of the best cybersecurity companies in the country. They deliver intelligence-driven managed security solutions that protect the digital economy. They leverage a data-driven cloud SecOps platform to defend enterprise networks. Leading global organizations trust them. They offer managed vulnerability management, endpoint detection, and threat validation services.

Deepwatch’s team includes world-class engineers and security experts who support their customers. They are also committed to continuous innovation. Deepwatch has two physical Security Operations Centers and a remote security team.


Founded by Eric Hahn in 2002, Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects businesses and individuals from the most dangerous threats. It provides a complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, including data loss prevention, email security, and web security. These solutions enable organizations to combat threats across the cloud and on-premises.

Proofpoint is the first to offer a Virtual App Protection (VAP) solution. It gives companies real-time visibility into the virtual environment to identify potentially harmful agents.

Proofpoint provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based security solutions, including data loss prevention, email security, social media, and web protection. It helps leading organizations mitigate the most critical risks and protect their greatest assets.

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